How we work

We work together.

I facilitate with a mixture of traditional coaching techniques, a dash of mentoring, business consultancy, creative thinking and very powerful intuitive methods. It’s a partnership in which you have the time and encouragement to think deeply and creatively. I provide the space and tools for you to liberate your existing genius, plan, then take the necessary actions.

You may be starting from a point of knowing exactly where you want to go and what you want to achieve. You may equally be starting from a point of ‘not knowing’.  Either way, with my facilitation you will clarify your thoughts and inspire yourself. You will create momentum and lift your energies.

Practically, we will decide what will work best for you and your circumstances. There is no prescribed or fixed methodology. We may meet face to face for one to four hours, or by phone or on-line (Skype, Zoom etc). We might decide at certain points you need more or less frequent meetings for shorter or longer times. Whatever works.

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