Who I am

A bit about me. I was originally trained in coaching the mid-1990’s by CoachU and have since been attending many other trainings and courses. Most notably I have in the last 4 years been immersed in being trained and applying powerful intuitive techniques. This I combine with my practical approach and personality which has proved to work for my clients. Many have made significant achievements and greatly benefited their companies, and have been well rewarded for so doing.

People say: “In just one session Geoff was able to break through my resistance and blocks to enable me to truly value myself and the contributions I had previously made in business.

“Geoff’s ability to identify and break down an issue for exploration, is exceptional, as is his breadth and depth of business knowledge. His listening skills means his ability to pick up on underlying facts that may have lain unnoticed, yet were highly relevant to the resolution of the problem. My experience of Geoff is that any problem under discussion soon acquires new perspectives that lead to very timely resolutions. Working with Geoff has also been a pleasure, he has a very warm, easy working style.”

“I achieved excellent results when Geoff was my coach. Worked with me on my core values and strengths and showed me how I should feel proud to show them off to my employer. We worked on needs, attracting things in life, having reserves and abundance and also looked at how I might work now towards a plan in later life. We also discussed how to deal with under-performing team members and why I should not feel uncomfortable saying what I mean. Geoff has a tremendous amount of knowledge and was always giving me the right tools (presentations, books, teachings, studies) to assist me. He’s also very patient and flexible.”

“I employed Geoff as a coach to help me get through a period of change and growth in my business. He was insightful and challenging, and provided me the means to grow the business”

“In only a brief 15-minute session, Geoff greatly helped me focus in a new way on my upcoming workshop presentation and clarify what it was, exactly, that I wanted to see happen in those 90 minutes. I realized with conviction that the best outcomes would result from being true to my own personal style. He listened carefully and reflected back my ideas as I worked them around in a new way and I went into my presentation feeling confident, energized and even inspired.”

I used Geoff’s “Accountability Day” service on a Sunday as it was the only time I had available to get a major piece of work done. Just knowing I had to update Geoff every hour kept me focused on the task in hand and as the inevitable obstacles and frustrations came up I found myself persevering instead of finding something else to do. By the end of the day, I had made significant progress on a task I had been putting off for months and gained the clarity I needed to keep moving forward. Geoff’s input throughout the day was an invaluable catalyst to getting the job done. He was the objective perspective I needed to keep me focused and achieve my goal”

“I hired Geoff as a life/career coach. He brought knowledge, compassion and commitment into the relationship. This helped me a lot in identifying and understanding the underlying causes of my situations as well as better defining my goals. I also became more forward-looking and open-minded about myself and others. He is also very results-oriented and was very organized in planning sessions and assignments to facilitate the acquisition of the required skills. I highly recommend him for anybody who needs help to take more charge over his / her life especially someone to set you challenges that will move you to the next level.”   

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