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I work with:

I work with women who are CEO, board or partner level, senior or aspiring managers, ‘pipeline’ talent, entrepreneurs and business owners.

You and they work in banking, consulting, engineering, finance, fashion, IT, and sales and marketing, for example.

You are intelligent and hard-working.  Already you have made significant progress in your career. You may be feeling excited about your future and have a ‘knowing’ about the sort of things you could achieve. But you might also have underlying feelings: You may be feeling stuck, frustrated, stressed, overworked, undervalued, angry, disappointed, pressured, not quite good enough, not entirely confident and worried about your progress.

I have worked with women who have experienced all of the above.They have often achieved more than they expected. At consultancy partnership level – a performance advance from bottom to top quartile, warranting a substantial personal reward. At sales executive – making £14 million sales on a target of £4 million.  I have many examples of clients receiving promotions and pay increases because of increased value of contribution. I’ve seen clients becoming more confident, be better communicators and leaders.

With my coaching you will achieve personal change, sometimes subtle, sometimes significant but always valuable, positive and lasting.

I’m happy to have a discussion with you about possibilities – what you’d like to achieve or change.

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